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CEF WWI Soldier's Stories

Orpington Cemetery
© Penny Allen
Researching stories of men of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF), I came across a curious collection on the internet. It appears to contain research about a small number of soldiers who served in the CEF.

This page - CEF WWI Soldier Blog gives a list of links to the men's histories who are listed below. It is my belief that the members of the CEF Study Group (see below) provided this information.

ALEXANDER, David Melville
GILL, Thomas
PETTY, Hubert Cyril
PRICE, George Lawrence
REGAN, Richard
SIMPSON, Edwin William

As an example, I have provided a link to William Laughton's history. Another page for William Laughton was found on this blog -
    This page is not 'signed' by the author, or dated, but from the content it appears to have been researched by Gerry Rempel who is a member of the Canadian Expeditonary Force Study Group. It was written in 2010 and covers information about Laughton's grave in Nelson, B.C.

Another resource I came across is Veterans of Southwestern Ontario published in January 2011 on a blog written by William Bruce Hillman. The last article he wrote was in 2014, but there are many articles of interest to those researching the Great War.

Internet Resources: Canada and the Great War  - This (Free) pdf is an article written by Glenn Wright dated 2014, where he shares a collection of links to online resources for researching Canadian WWI ancestors. Online Resources : Canada & the Great War provided by Mooreshead Magazines Ltd.
Perhaps this information will help someone 
with their First World War research! 

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