Monday, 30 January 2017

Canadian Genealogy Twitter Treasures Issue 2

I know, pretty old school, kind of like newspaper cuttings that libraries used to do a long time ago.

But I just can't get over the feeling that I miss really neat things on Twitter.

My version of a Twitter bird
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31 Jan.2017 | Issue 2

Every week or so I will share particularly Canadian content, but will bend the rules if it has a British spin, or an interesting immigrant story.

My interpretation of the tweet or retweet is added.

Grains West tweeted : 'Against the grain: the history of Alberta's United Farm Women'

Jonathan Koch RT an amazing effort by the Friends of Historical Northern Alberta Society FHNAS  to provide a 'History Check' app - an online historical map to the Northern Alberta. Includes spots of historical interest, things to see and do, eating venues etc. They also have a Facebook page -

Medicine Hat Archives tweeted a picture of the Murray Cattle Co. cattle and sheep crossing the ice on the South SK River - near Winnifred (March 1955).

AG of the World tweeted a picture : Loading wagons at the Sullivan Lake Coal Mine, Halkirk, Alberta, early 30s. Mining, farming, and ranching went hand in hand for many years here.

Andrea Eidinger tweeted 'CIUS Digital Archive Project website is launched' The Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies plans to digitize numerous publications in their collections.

Dalnavert Museum and Visitors' Centre of Winnipeg, Manitoba is a National and Provincial Heritage site as well as originally Sir John Macdonald's family home.

Teri Morin reports on Canadian history trivia : On January 25, 1688 – A plague took a heavy toll of lives at Fort Niagara. In addition - The Canadian who has been dodging death for 100 years.

The York Pioneers, Canada's oldest history society tweeted : Oil painting by Paul Kane depicting an Ojibwa camp on the shores of Georgian Bay on Lake Huron "Encampment Among The Islands Of Lake Huron"

Rural Diaries tweeted an excerpt : On This Day #OTD : 1861 "I work now from 5 o'clock in the morning till 10 in the evening and earn little more than nothing” Arthur E. Schulze

Images of Prairie Towns - Thousands of historical photos of Canadian prairie towns online. Found on Facebook, provided by Gail Dever @geneaalacarte

Did you Know - The Canadian Army Film Unit shot more than 1.5 million feet of footage during the Second World War... Tweeted by the Memory Project

Shocking! Morgue that embalmed many of Titanic's victims has been turned into a restaurant. RTd by National Genealogical Society and posted by Atlas Obscura. 


An important heritage home located in the centre of Calgary, the Lougheed House was once the home of Peter Lougheed's (Premier of Alberta 1971) grandfather, Senator James Lougheed.

Jonathan Koch @4gotten_alberta is an Alberta historian and is very active on Twitter. Follow him to learn all about prairie history with relevant historical photos. He received a Heritage Awareness award for his enthusiasm and determination to share historical information about the province.

Michael John Neill @mjnrootdig - Genealogy Tip of the Day - gives some very common sense genealogy guidance for finding elusive ancestors : Did your ancestor settle somewhere temporarily? As well, Did your Ancestor Go Missing?

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  1. I always look forward to reading this feature on your blog. What is John Koch's Twitter handle? Thanks.

  2. Hi Gail - thank you for noting that tiny problem. I have updated the link for his Twitter handle. As well, I also included a RT by Jonathan about the 'History Check' app - in the Alberta section. What an amazing effort by the Friends of Historical Northern Alberta Society!