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ACHESON former RCMP/RNWMP d.1953 Leicester

Serendipity Genealogy : one of my favourite hidden treasures are newspaper clippings, also known as press cuttings or affectionately as ephemera. A caveat is that some of those treasures, aka obituary clippings, were not recorded with the name of the newspaper or even a date.

This obituary notice has a connection in both Canada and England. Mr. ACHESON passed away in Leicester and was noted as a 'former member of RCMP, Ottawa, Ontario, and member of RNWMP, Veterans' Association, Vancouver, B.C.'

It provides a fair bit of information that is helpful in starting the search. Using directories, census records and a little bit of sleuthing on the internet, I discovered some interesting details about this member of the RCMP/RNWMP. Unusual that an RCMP officer passed away while in Leicestershire in the 1950s. Is it possible he was in England on official RCMP business, or merely visiting family?

On Find My Past, I found a death for John A ACHESON, b. 1893 d. 1953 age 60 (quarter 4). The district, Leicester, County, Leicestershire. Vol.3A, Pg.571. Although the clipping only indicates initials A.J., I am confident this is the same person.

Also on FMP, in the Directories Record Set, I found a Miss Amy ACHESON living at 9 Magazine Square in the Leicester Kelly's 1954 directory. Is it possible A.J. (John A.) was visiting his sister at the time of his death? There was also a George A. ACHESON listed as living at 83 South Kingston Road, TN (telephone no.) 75265. There were only two ACHESONs listed in this directory.

Magazine Square - picture of Magazine Square - described in Vanished Leicester as a residence of army personnel.

In the 1901 and 1911 England, Wales & Scotland Census on Find My Past, George ACHESON is listed with his family, Christina (wife), Amy (daughter), George Andrew (son), John Alexander (son), Eleanor (daughter) and Violet Edith (daughter). They were were living at 8 Magazine Square Leicester, Leicestershire, England. George Sr. is noted in the 1901 census as Sergeant Instructor and in the 1911 census as Army Pensioner Orderly Room Clerk 3rd Bn Leicestershire Regiment.

At some point, son John moved to Canada, as I found John A. ACHESON who travelled from New Brunswick on the Duchess of York to Liverpool on Feb.1933 on the immigration records on Find My Past. His intended address in the United Kingdom was shown as 9 Magazine Square, Leicester. In April he returned to Canada on the Duchess of Bedford giving his wife's name as Josephine and address as Manson Avenue in Toronto. His mother passed away in 1939, so it's possible that he travelled to visit her if she was ill at the time.

Although I did not find a result for John Alexander ACHESON on Find a Grave, there is a very brief mention of John A. ACHESON -S/G- Regiment No. 9615 1953, p.56 on the RCMP obituary card index database on I also trawled my way through The quarterly magazine obituaries, 1933-1979, v. 1-44 (this is not indexed by name) but was not able to find the relative page as indicated on the obituary notice.

During the research for this article in the BC Archives Genealogy Indexes, I also found another man, Alex ACHESON, who died in Vancouver 1972 aged 80. I'm fairly certain Alex (wife Edith) found in the 1952 Vancouver BC City Directory on 3098 W 33 St is not the same A.J. ACHESON as noted in the newspaper clipping. Perhaps there might be a family connection across the family pedigree chart?

Although I don't have a connection to the ACHESON family in any way, I was intrigued by this announcement of a former member of the RNWMP passing away in England.
It was a interesting research project - is this your family? 

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