Friday, 2 December 2016

Regina SK Henderson's Directories 1908-1965

In September of this year, the Regina Public Library's Prairie History Room reported that they are partnering with the University of Alberta to digitize their Henderson's Directories from 1908-1965.


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Although they have sent the majority off to Alberta for digitizing, they have duplicates of some physical copies for you to browse through.
For more information, Email:

I contacted the University of Alberta to find out more information about the project and they are not certain of a completion date for this project as they are currently exploring ways to upgrade the 'infrastructure' that these images are stored on.

This is an invaluable resource, especially for those search for 'living relatives' which can often be a struggle.

Q: What is a directory?
A: Similar to a printed phone book. (Those of us doing genealogy for a while will remember using them to look up phone numbers of friends, family or even tradespeople.)

Q: What type of information can I find in it?
A:  Residential addresses, Occupations, Business addresses, Trade directory, Advertisements. This information was gathered by employees of the publisher: namely Henderson's Directories and were often local citizens themselves so you could be assured of accurate information.

The UofA Digital Initiatives department is responsible for a number of projects, listed here.

CIHM Collection - Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions - images of early Canadiana
ERA: Education & Research Archive - UofA institution repository
ERA Audio + Video [BETA] - A multimedia repository and streaming service
Dataverse - researchers data repository
Magee Photographic Collection - early photos of Blackfeet Nation
Peel's Prairie Provinces - excellent digitized collection esp. local community history books - includes Henderson Directories
Sir Sam Steel collection - Mountie (RCMP and RNWMP) collection
University of Alberta Centenary Collection - digitized material relating to a century of the UofA
University of Alberta Internet Archive Collection - UofA contributions to the Internet Archive

It should also be mentioned that Saskatoon directories (1908-2000?) Saskatchewan, are on the Peel's Prairie Provinces (UofA) website.

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