Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Immigrants to NB, NS, NF, QC pre-1810 (includes ships names)

Interesting to find that some early publications have references to Canada, which wasn't Canada at the time, but the 'Colonies' or 'British North America'. These particular entries that I have briefly transcribed (there is more information in the book), describe settlers in Halifax, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Quebec between 1763 and 1810. Even though it says 'America' in the title, please don't disregard them if your ancestor settled in Canada. They are a valuable 'hidden' resource that deserve investigating further!

Title: Immigrants to America appearing in English Records by Frank Smith published in 1976 by The Everton Publishers, Inc.

Quotation: "There is no magic wand to the finding of a document within which appears the name and identify of a man or woman who was the first of that family to settle in the New World." [...] "The textbook series leading to an understanding of these sources is Genealogical Research in England and Wales." (David E. Gardner and Frank Smith: Genealogical Research in England and Wales Salt Lake City: Bookcraft Inc.,) p.1.

Introduction explains that these entries have been extracted from the Prerogative Court of (the Archbishop of) Canterbury PCC. These are now available online via some commercial sites such as Ancestry, Find My Past and Generations, to name a few. Use the 'card catalogue' option to specifically search the PCC collection.

Halifax (808) p.81 1805 MONCKTON, Hon. Cath. Eliz. (wife of Hon. Wm. Geo. M.), dau. of  George HANDFIELD, late of Halifax in America.

New Brunswick 11 p.2 1789 Nathaniel DICKENSON

Newfoundland (685) p.68 20 August 1763 SLATER, John (resides at Havannah) grandson of HAMILTON, Otho (resides at Nfld.)

Quebec (636) p.56 20 March 1810 COFFIN, Thomas Aston

St. John Co., New Brunswick (626) p.55 1795 WILLIAMS, Elijah of St. John co. and city of St. John New Brunswick, Esq. (formerly resident)

Names of Ships mentioned in this volume:

Bonny Bess, Concord, Desire, Dolphin, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Expedition, Feversham, Flower, Flower de Luce, Frederick, Friendship, Globb, Good Intent, Hope, Hopewell, John, Katherine, Le Honors Desire, Le Prince, Marmaduke, Mary Anne, Marygold, Mayflower, Merchant Delight, Norwich, Polly, Primrose, Rainbow, Recovery, Richard & Judith, Sally, Samuel, Sarah, Sir John, Speedwell, The Bear, The Peggy, The Plough, The Reformation, The Susannah, The Swallow, The Tryall, The London Merchant, The Marygold, Tristam & Jane, Whale, William & Francis, William & George, William & Mary College, Va, Woodhouse. 

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