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Rural Alberta Towns

Rural Alberta has a piece of my heart. I was born there and my family now lives there. These news articles and webpages are about centenaries and a couple of interesting restorations of original buildings in rural Alberta.

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An event that everyone looks forward to is the rodeo and parade that takes place every year thanks to some very committed volunteers.

A parade takes place along Main Street or Railway Street (most rural Alberta towns' main street is called Railway Street because it runs parallel to the railway tracks). The Parade Marshall is usually a senior who has lived in town most of their lives and considered an 'old-timer'. This is considered quite an honour.

A theme may be planned to attract out of town visitors, for example, the release of a new edition of the Local History Book. Or a car rally - a parade and display of antique cars. Amusingly, the parade route is often from one end of main street to the other, which may only be 1/2 mile, but may vere to the old folks' home, so as to include the 'old-timers' in the event. This is quite a social occasion with a picnic atmosphere.  Residents set up their lawn chairs along the parade route, bring their drinks and cameras and cheer on their neighbours. The little ones often bring plastic shopping bags as treats will be thrown from the various floats. It's a scramble game to dodge out into the road and pick up as many treats as possible.

The biggest event of the year in rural Alberta!


Arrowwood 1911-2011
Arrowwood Community History Book

Carmangay  1910-2010 - the video in the Vulcan County History page doesn't load - try this one instead : Carmangay Parade

HighRiver 1901-2001
Life and Legends : a history of the town of High River

Lomond 1916-2016
     Lomond Centenary Page

Milo  1909-2009
Village of Milo webpage

House Restorations
The house was owned at various times by Andy BELL, William IKIN and Henry SHEPPARD. It was built in 1883. The last owner was Ruth MACCOY, daughter of Henry Sheppard.

This house was moved to Pioneer Acres, a living history museum of prairie life gone past.
It was built in 1914 by George LONG and his wife Salome. Their daughter Esther CRAWFORD was the last resident of the house.

LOISELLE family home, built in the early 1900s.

Some Blogs about Rural Alberta
Off the Beaten Path
This wonderful blog highlights weekend excursions to tiny communities and unknown areas of Alberta. The website name is a combination of the authors' last names: Doering and Biggart.  Some of the places mentioned are: Bashaw, Brokeback Meadows, Empress, Hillcrest Collier Mines, New Brigden, St. Elias, site of an abandoned Orthodox Monastery (a wonderful picture of an upright piano sitting forlornly in the snow), Sibbald.

This is a blog of meandering about the forgotten places of Alberta. The last article was posted April 2016, but wonderful pictures and a feeling of being there. Note: pictures are also posted on Instagram. 

Blogging Alberta's Historic Places Written by staff of the Alberta Government. Great articles and quite a variety of topics. Also an area for guest writers. Twitter: ABHistoricPlace

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