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WWI Canadian soldiers in UK Cemeteries

Last month I spent an enjoyable afternoon at Kensal Green Cemetery in London. It is known as one of the Magnificent Seven in London and it's first burial was in 1833. I was initially looking for Lady Franklin's grave, but found a lot of unexpected surprises!

Meadow Management - explains what wildlife
is found in the cemetery and how the meadow is maintained.
Many graves are overrun, or have disappeared
 into the foliage all together. However, the
CWGC graves are very well taken care of. 
I almost walked right past a small very well kept cemetery plot of about 20 or 30 familiar looking white military headstones. Instantly recognizable as a Commonwealth Grave site (CWGC). The tidiness was quite a contrast to the rest of the cemetery which has been allowed to grow into a seemingly unkempt overgrown meadow. But the text on the sign does give an explanation. (A photo of the soldiers' graves will be uploaded later, as I ran out of battery while visiting.)

The CWGC site notes that there are 28 First World War Canadian soldiers buried in Kensal Green. The soldier's names were very easily found on the CWGC website. 458 records exist for Australia, Indian, New Zealand, Non Commonwealth, South African, United Kingdom.

Here are some of the names of the 28 Canadian soldiers buried in Kensal Green. Under each soldier's name I have linked to a photo from Find A Grave and his service record on the Library and Archive Canada's WW1 database is hyperlinked on his service number.

CWGC: John ADAMS, Private 54245
dob: 28 Dec 1890 Aurora, Indiana  d. 02 Jul 1917
Find A Grave: ADAMS headstone

CWGC: Andrew Mackie MACLEAN, Private 477560
dob: 7 Jan 1892 Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland d. 31 Oct 1916
Find A Grave: MACLEAN headstone

CWGC: William George MANNING, Private 172235
dob: 7 Jan 1881 London, England d. 22 Sep 1916
Find A Grave: MANNING headstone 

CWGC: Edward Edmund MURREE, Gunner, C.41567
dob: 06 June 1890 Yarmouth, N.S. d. 08 Jul 1915
Find A Grave:  MURREE headstone

CWGC: Harold Gordon PEARSON, Private, 709867
dob:  03 Dec 1897 Pearsonville, N.B. d. 02 Dec 1916
Find A Grave:  PEARSON headstone

CWGC: George ROBINSON, Private 404595
dob: 20 Feb 1883 Toronto, ONT. d. 25 Sep 1916
Find A Grave:  ROBINSON headstone

CWGC: C D SCOTT, Sergeant 4/22562
dob: ? ( not found on Service Files First World War) d. 30 Nov 1915
Find A Grave:  SCOTT headstone

CWGC: Thomas WAKLEM, Private 443945
dob: 01 Jan 1870  Virginia City, Newark, U.S.A. d. 22 Dec 1915
Find A Grave:  WAKLEM headstone shows state as Nevada

CWGC: Alfred WILLIAMS, Private, 58144
dob: 22 Aug 1881 Canterbury, England d. 26 Nov 1916
Find A Grave:  WILLIAMS headstone

Find A Grave Kensal Green Cemetery

It is quite easy to find Commonwealth graves on these 3 sites. Canadian soldiers were buried all throughout England and the CWGC site has quite an extensive reach. If you would like to add information to the Find A Grave record about your ancestor, please sign up in order to be able to edit the content. Or, if you prefer, email them a note.

The Friends of Kensal Green will also answer enquiries. They also have a great publication which I understand is currently being reprinted. The volunteer in the information hut at the Catholic cemetery entrance main gate affectionately calls it 'The Big Book'.

Title: Paths of Glory: A Select Alphabetical and Biographical List of Persons of Note Commemorated at the Cemetery of All Souls at Kensal Green. FOKGC. London 1997. Typescript.

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