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Maritime Libraries in the UK - Aberdeen

The Maritime Libraries post seems to be popular, so I've asked permission to add content from the book. Keep an eye out for future posts that highlight various archives around the UK.
Disclaimer: as this material was published in 2004, the website addresses may have changed.

The title is:
Maritime Information : a guide to libraries and sources of information in the United Kingdom. by Fenton, Briody and Macdonald. 2004. 1901703452

Aberdeen City Archives

Special Collections: Old Aberdeen House Office - Harbour records for ports in Aberdeenshire, notably Peterhead and Stonehaven in 19th and 20th centuries.

Special Collections: Town House office - Business records of A. Hall and Co./Hall, Russell Ltd. ; Aberdeen shipbuilders, 19th and 20th century; Aberdeen shipping registers 1824-1927; Aberdeen outport Customs and Excise records, 19th and 20th centuries; Aberdeen harbour records, 1808-1935

Aberdeen City Council Central Library, Business and Technology Department
Special Collections: Oil and Gas - Aberdeen ; Aberdeen company information; European and community information; business; Fishing News Vol. 1 1913 onwards; Lloyd's Register of Shipping; British Standards

Aberdeen Maritime Museum
Museum website  -   Special Collections - shipyard plans and records; North Sea oil and gas collections

Aberdeen University Library - Historic collections - Special Collections
Special Collections - David Cardno diary, Arctic ocean whaler 1866-1917; Walker Henderson diary, ship's surgeon, Greenland 1853; George Kerr diary, surgeon northern whale fishery 1791; Davis Straits diary, unidentified surgeon 1831; Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co. 1836-1925; Crew lists and indentures of Aberdeen trawlers 1891-1971; Records of Aberdeen trawlers 1891-1913; Aberdeen Shipmasters' Society 1630-1965; National Union of Dock Labourers 1912-27; National Union of Seamen 1926-59; Ship Constructors and Shipwrights Association 1916-65; Steamfishing Vessels, Engineers' and Firemen's Union 1906-57; Aberdeen Fish Curers' & Merchants Association 1888-1947; United Society of Boilermakers, Shipbuilders and Structural Workers 1936, 1955-8

Aberdeen University Library - Queen Mother Library
**It appears this library has been replaced by the Special Collections link above**
Special Collections:  G.W. Wilson collection of early photographs, 1856-1910, covering England, Scotland, Australia, South Africa, Gibraltar, Spain and Morocco

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“Reproduced by kind permission of the Maritime Information Association”

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