Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Family History Societies in Canada

   Family history societies are often a key resource to the online genealogist. They often will have an 'in-house' database which contains very specific information to the city and or province they are located in.
   Please remember they are manned by volunteers, have very tight budgets, and your 'donations' or fees contribute to the work they provide to us as genealogists.
   Support your local society!

Alberta -  www.afhs.ab.ca  (Alberta Family History Society)
                http://www.abgenealogy.ca/  (Alberta Genealogical Society)

British Columbia - www.bcgs.ca

Manitoba - www.mbgenealogy.com

New Brunswick - http://www.nbgs.ca/index.php

Newfoundland - http://www.fhsnl.ca/

Northwest Territories - http://www.pwnhc.ca/  - NWT Archives

Nova Scotia - http://www.novascotiaancestors.ca/

Nunavut - formed as a province April 1, 1999. Records before this date are held with the NWT government. Please check with the NWT Archives.  The archives for Nunavut may be able to help with genealogy.  http://www.ch.gov.nu.ca/en/Home.aspx

Ontario - https://www.ogs.on.ca/

Prince Edward Island - http://peigs.ca/

Quebec - http://www.qfhs.ca/

Saskatchewan - http://www.saskgenealogy.com/

Yukon - http://www.yukongenealogy.com/

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