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Canadian Genealogy Tweets of 2017

A review of my favourite tweets in 2017. 

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Twitter seems to move at the speed of light, so much worthwhile information just goes speeding by!.  Enjoy these tweets that caught my eye in 2017 with a focus on Canadian Genealogy as well as some random Posts.

07 Dec 2017
Settler Records, Indigenous Histories: Challenges in Indigenous Genealogical Research - article reviewing indigenous genealogical resources particularly focussing on census and church records. Tweeted by @KnowhistoryCDN

10 Nov 2017
Kenn Harper's 2006 account of Nunatsiavut's John Shiwak: A Day in Arctic History. 

07 Nov 2017 Two Canadians are Chelsea pensioners - tweeted by Canadian UK (High Commission of Canada in the UK).

05 Nov 2017
1919 General Strike Monument University of Manitoba History Department - my suggestion was '[...] might explain a few brick walls.'

14 Oct 2017
Kenton de Jong tweeted about 6 Saskatchewan cemeteries - his visit and thoughts. Disturbed graves? Burned crosses? Mass hangings? Sask cemeteries are a wild place! I especially liked: 'Cemeteries are like a library of knowledge'.

01 Oct 2017
Margaret Doughtery - tweeted about her blog article - Looking for ancestors in cemeteries & city directories. A cemetery in Ireland mixed up records of her ancestor and her comment is 'No wonder we have brick walls!'

01 Oct 2017
Let us never forget: 'It's like they never existed': Monument to mark mass grave of British children. From a CBC article.

25 Sep 2017
Kevin McCormick, president of Huntington University in Sudbury Ontario. His mission is to return military medals and honours to their rightful owners. Pennys Research

17 Sep 2017
Annette Fulford Her grandparents left Liverpool for Canada after WW1, grandmother was his  UK war bride. They lived in Saskatchewan and then emigrated to B.C. Twitter Thread.

24 Aug 2017
Rural Diaries is a worthwhile effort of University of Guelph students. This page explains the ins and outs and here is a tweet about a new newspaper - 'New Dominion' being born!

14 Aug 2017
Medicine Hat Archives has a lot of really neat tweets - Emil Lorentson - pioneer story;   A Cree Family at the Pound Maker Reserve Battleford SK ca.1895;   Medicine Hat High School ca.1967

Jonathan Koch tweeted a number of great initiatives - Heritage Barns of Flagstaff AB;   'British Invasion';   an explanation of how Retlaw AB was named

15 May 2017 Franklin Mystery tweeted about everything and anything to do with the discovery of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. Descendant of any of the crew of the Franklin ships?   This is a link to the CTV News article. This announcement was included in a RT - Claim for co-ownership of Franklin artifacts.   The Franklin Exhibition held at the National Maritime Museum 14 Jul. 2017-7 Jan. 2018 in London, UK is moving to  Gatineau 02 Mar. - 30 Sep. 2018!

07 Jan 2017
Arnprior and McNab/Braeside Archives - digital records of Renfrew Bottling Works tweeted by Library and Archives Canada

05 Jan 2017
Porcupine Gold Rush parking lot -ca1908 - tweeted by Karen Bachmann Curator of the Timmins Museum 

26 Dec 2016 - close enough to 2017 to count!
Cartwright House, Kingston Ontario - by Small Museums Canada

Not particularly Canadian focussed - but fun!

03 Dec 2017
Rembrandt's Room tweeting about the conservation and restoration of a 17th century map that had been discovered secreted away in a chimney for hundreds of years. Fascinating video.

30 Nov 2017
A book about the experiences of the everyday German soldier during WWI Fritz and Tommy : Across the barbed wire. by Peter Doyle and Robin Schafer.

07 Oct 2017
@DickKingSmith - children's author - when I have a little money I buy books....

02 Oct 2017
Most-shared books: the favourites we give again and again

05 Sep 2017
“I’m a historian not because I like old things…" Erica Armstrong Dunbar

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