Thursday, 6 April 2017

Day 1 Who Do You Think You Are

What an awesome day! What a grueling day! 

I arrived at 8:30 in the morning - tidied up the tables, added a few bits and bobs here and there. Then the announcement came that the doors would open in 5 minutes. Yikes! 

Writing this in the evening, the day seems like a blur. From the moment the doors opened until the security team came around to shut the doors, they forced me to leave, although I preferred to sit down and melt all over the floor. I was busy. More than busy - a revolving door.! Now I know what staff behind retail counters feel like, and although I had a very quick break in the entire day, I came back to the table to another line of genealogists patiently queuing keen to find out about their ancestors in Canada. An observer on Twitter commented that I was 'snowed' under and that is definitely appropriate!

Here are some of the questions that I remember: 
  1. Questions about children that left the UK - were they Home Children? One question about a Home Child was how do I research a Home child who was thought to become a rancher -no idea as to which province
  2. A couple of questions about RCMP genealogy research
  3. Many questions about military - WWI and WWII including War Brides.
  4. Questions about immigration and how to find UK ancestors who left the UK for Canada but only lived in Canada for a few years and then returned to England -most were ca1920s
  5. Questions about Births, Marriages and Deaths and basic Canadian genealogy
  6. A unique question about the Klondike spelt Klondyke and Yukon genealogy combined with a question about fire departments in Vancouver!
  7. A fellow showed me a booklet written about his aunt born in Canada who went out to ?Asia? as a missionary
  8. A lady shared some very precious pins that were given to her by a descendant of a great-aunt who lived in Canada and they were so intriguing I'm going to write an article about them
  9. One - count em - one question about Alberta records
  10. A very direct question : What does R.R.2 Alton Ontario mean? For those researchers in Canada not familiar with country living, it means Rural Route 2 and is a postal address which indicates a particular quadrant of the county in a rural municipal (R.M.) district 
  11. Later in the day a lady told me about an ancestor living n Nova Scotia in the late 1700s! She thought he was in the army, and I suggested also looking into the Halifax dockyards as there were British Navy dockyards during that time period. This was the more plausible answer as she said he was a shipwright in England during that time. Score!
Off to the NEC for another day - what waits for me at 9:30 am I wonder?
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