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St. Albert Alberta - Links to the Past

It takes an awful lot of dedication to commit to writing about history on a regular schedule. But for Kevin Ma, a reporter with the St. Albert Gazette, the @Canada150 celebrations is an opportunity to share a unique perspective on Northern Alberta history. The series is called 'Links to the Past' and will 'examine one element of St. Albert that's 150 years old until July 2017'. If you have any ideas for other articles, please email Kevin Ma at the Gazette.
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This is my second blog post about Kevin's efforts and I hope you will find some interesting points in his articles to round out your family history research. My first blog post covers his articles from July to November 2016 -

Feb. 22 The Chains of Office - This article goes into detail about the governance of the town of St. Albert in the early days to present day. Father LACOMBE, Samuel CUNNINGHAM, Frank JUNEAU were amongst the first 'officers'.

Feb. 08 Finding Romance in the Archives (not written by Kevin but a cute story!)
  This article was written with research into Arlene Borgsted's book, The Black Robe's Vision : St. Albert's family history stories.
  The HARNOIS and TERRAULT families are highlighted in the article. Christine and Leon HARNOIS in the 1870s. Christine was Father Lacombe's sister and Leon was a hard working courieur-de-bois with a tough side. Father Lacombe was not in favour of the union. Also a lovely story about childhood sweethearts, Oscar TERRAULT and Annie PETENAUDE.

Jan. 28 2017 Ring Ring Ring - A proposal to create a telephone network between St. Albert, Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan was denied. So the community rallied together and built their own. The line was 14km and followed the historic St. Albert Trail. St. Albert receives the province's first official telephone call on the 3rd Jan. 1885.
Métis and his two wivesArtist: Peter Rindisbacher
Library and Archives Canada  MIKAN 2835810 

Dec. 28 2016 Forgotten No More -
the Métis society were important in the development of the infrastructure of the city. Métis were often descended from the union of Scots and native people and are a very proud people. Sharon Morin, program manager at St. Albert's Musée Héritage Museum gives the article some perspective as to the Métis involvement in the community. In addition to the museum, the Michif Institute is dedicated to Métis genealogy and history.

The archives and library of the Musée Héritage Museum holds a fabulous collection of Métis and Scots genealogy compiled by Gail Morin, a well-known genealogist of Métis family history.

In my own family history research, I was able to connect some of the dots of my pioneering Scots families in the prairies making use of Gail's records. Please do take some time to see what they have available, the museum provides a short clip to give you an introduction.

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