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Canadian Genealogy Twitter Treasures Issue 3

I know, pretty old school, kind of like newspaper cuttings that libraries used to do a long time ago.

But I just can't get over the feeling that I miss really neat things on Twitter.

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19 Feb.2017 | Issue 3

Every week or so I will share particularly Canadian content, but will bend the rules if it has a British spin, or an interesting immigrant story.

My interpretation of the tweet or retweet is added.

An article in the Times Colonist, Victoria - An old sea dog donates Captain Cook's journals to the Maritime Museum of BC

Glenbow Museum : Celebrating BlackHistory Month with an album from our Archives - The Crump family Edmonton Alberta (Source: Glenbow Facebook page). 

Minister Catherine McKenna (Minister of Environment & Climate Change) tweeted:
"Proud to announce the designation and protection of two heritage lighthouses in New Brunswick." The Inch Arran Point Front Range Lighthouse, a square tapered, wooden lighthouse built in 1870 that is located in Dalhousie, and the Long Eddy Point Lighthouse, a combined lighthouse and fog alarm building located on the northern tip of Grand Manan Island." Source via Canadian Government

Database of WW1 Veterans tweeted by Nova Scotia Ancestors - The Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia was founded in 1982.

Tweeted by Small History.ca - There has been very good skating on our bay. A half holiday was given the pupils today to take advantage of it. St Peters Feb 15 1897. 
Small History NS - Mr Leon Amiro is building a schooner of 75 tons to launch in the spring. Capt Oliver is building a schooner of 60 tons. Pubnico Oct 26 1882

Tweeted by Port Arthur Duluth and Western OTD1883: Thunder Bay Colonization Railway is incorporated in the Province of Ontario. Also posted on their Facebook page

William Jenkins posted a tribute to a long standing Toronto Archives employee : A "fonds" farewell to our Glenda, who retires from the @TorontoArchives after 38+ years of service. Her last day was 1 Feb.2017. So nice to see recognition of a lifetime of dedication! 

An up and coming Canadian genealogist, Lisa tweeted @elle_dee_see -

about the Glenaladale Heritage needing support from descendants of residents in memory of their ancestors.
https://glenaladalepei.com/2014/09/09/honour-your-heritage-donate-now-to-the-glenaladale-heritage-trust/   They state that the purchase and development of the 529 acre estate is an important community heritage site deserving your support.
     This website links to digitized letters of the MacDonald family of Glenaladale between 1779-1801. A university student from PEI digitized these letters with permission. Be sure to connect with the students who are using archives, they can provide valuable information about the collections.

Lila Eddington turns 95 yrs on 23 Feb. She plans to reach her goal of transcribing 600,000 names by this date.

'Wanted: Young Genealogists' posted by Brandy Fulton. Her article was meant to promote the Kitchener Library 5th Annual Genealogy Fair but turned into a promo for NextGens - no harm done in my opinion!

The History of Genealogy @NewYorkHistory #EarlyAmHist https://histry.us/2hUu8hY
Liz says: "History has a history and Genealogy has a history" - I would counter that to say "History has a history and Genealogy is history". On her website, she has a regular podcast entitled 'Ben Franklin's World' which invites 'guides' to talk about what the history of genealogy reveals about the early American past. Interesting!

Is Family History Proper History?  by Jane Roberts in the UK - thought provoking: what is your opinion?

UK to Canada Genealogy Index Page

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