Monday, 2 January 2017

UKCdnGenealogy Blog Debut 2016

What a marvellous year with huge thanks to many of my readers. I started my family history blog with a goal of providing genealogists in England with information about the many resources that are available in Canada.

Canadian 'Ask the Expert'
at the WSFHS (UK) day Nov.2016
In order to increase the awareness of where to find these resources, I joined the world of Twitter genealogists @pennysresearch and as a result my efforts were increased tenfold - what a fabulous marketing tool! I found very enthusiastic genealogists - learned about hashtags, ie: #genealogy, #ancestry, #familyhistory and many others. Another effective 'crowd-gathering' tool are the regular 'chat rooms' on Twitter #ancestryhour#genchat, These take place weekly or biweekly for about an hour where the conversation can range from posts about Scottish records, Yorkshire resources, emigration, slavery, DNA discussions and much, much more.

Overall my experience of writing has been very therapeutic, at the same time a constant and demanding work in progress. I am amazed by others' ability to post on a daily basis. Some of my Canadian genealogy favourites are Genealogy à la carte, Unwritten Histories, Brenda Dougall MerrimanCanada’s Anglo-Celtic ConnectionsOlive Tree GenealogyWayne Shepheard's blog, British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa, Jane's Your Aunt. There are many, many others waiting for you to discover and learn more effective ways of genealogy searching.

On my blog, UKCdnGenealogy the most popular articles in 2016 are listed in order of rank:

1. Lethbridge, Alberta : Interviews of Pioneers conducted in the 1970s

12. Alberta Genealogy
Won't you join me for more
 unique Canadian discoveries in 2017?

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