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Canadian Genealogy Twitter Treasures

My version of a Twitter bird
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What I learned on Twitter
15 Jan 2017 | Issue 1

I know, pretty old school, kind of like newspaper cuttings that libraries used to do a long time ago. But I just can't get over the feeling that I miss really neat things on Twitter. 

Every week or so I will share particularly Canadian content, but will bend 
the rules if it has a British spin, or an interesting immigrant story. 
My interpretation of the tweet or retweet is added.

Edmonton Area Land Trust tweeted images of a series of postcards that show historical views of Edmonton - some have been colour enhanced. Three series are displayed: Edmonton in the 19th and 20th Centuries; North Saskatchewan Rivers and Creeks; Pioneers and Homesteads of which there are a few depictions of rural life including a picture of oxen and plough titled: Farming in the Northwest Near Strathcona.  5 Jan.2017

Library and Archives Canada mentions Arrow Lakes Historical Society in a photo about a 162lb. sturgeon caught at Burton! ca.1910 DHCP images on Flickr

Using 'DNA databases' - a successful reunite story  'Search Angels', aka genealogists, find links for people who are searching for missing family. Tweet via Andrea Eidinger in BC. The links lead to Facebook pages where people can get in touch. 

Summerland Review newspaper highlighted a very brief article in December about being over 100 yrs in publication. The Summerland Museum holds an archive of the print newspaper from 1908 to date. No mention of online access.

The Manitoba Co-operator wrote an article on Dec.30th 2016 about the Manitoba Historical Society aim to preserve the histories of grain elevators in the province. On the MHS site, it's very easy to fill in an online form with details about an elevator and this information will then be used to create a database. Also called 'This Old Elevator'. A marvelous way to preserve the memories of elevators in a rural community as they were often the hub of activity in town.

The Canadian Fisherman - A monthly journal devoted to the commercial fisheries of Canada and Newfoundland. Includes science of fish, use of fish culture and value of fish products. F. William Wallace editor. Montreal, Toronto and St. Johns, N.F. Issue shown is Vol. IV Issue 1 1917, so surmise that Vol. I Issue 1 would be 1913.  3 Jan.2017

Lots of recognition of DHCP images on Twitter this week. This one of Renfrew Bottling Works of the Arnprior and McNab/Braeside Archives  7 Jan.2017

Lynde House tweeted On This Day, in 1833, Peter Perry (photo, founder of Whitby, ON) purchased 200 acres of land. 5 Jan.2017

Amusing picture of Porcupine Gold Rush parking lot circa 1908 via Karen Bachmann at Timmins MNEC Museum in Timmins, Ontario   5 Jan.2017

Remembering the Abolition of the Toll Gates of York County: December 31: Snapshots in History 3 Jan.2017

Small Museums RTweeted Vision Zero's post about a Bicycle map of Montreal from 1897(!) via @copenhagenize

Dr. Paul Hebert  RTweeted a post by Siusaidh Chaimbeul about a fire that killed children at Montreal's Laurier Palace in the 1920s which resulted in children not being allowed in movie houses for decades afterwards.

Dan Panneton, historian highlights pictures of Chinese, which he is sure are the first photographs he's seen. This post comes via McCord Museum and is titled: 'McDonald's nursemaid and children, Montreal, QC, 1867'. Could this be pertaining to John A. McDonald, 1st Canadian Prime Minister?  9 Jan.2017
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