Sunday, 21 February 2016

Lookups in London and the UK

If you have a need for archival research in the UK, I can offer a few options. I am a Canadian, working in a full time position in the heritage sector in the UK.  I would be happy to discuss your research needs.

Genealogy experience: 30+ years. My skills: touch typist (transcribing); report writing; proof reading; editing as well as record keeping. Database research is my speciality, making sense out of specialist resources.  Degree: Bachelor of Communication. MSc Information Studies.

I have experience researching at the National Archives, the Society of Genealogists, the British Library, London Metropolitan Archives, the Guildhall Library and the National Maritime Museum and various county archives to name a very few.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Simcoe County Archives

My Scottish ancestors emigrated to Canada with Lord Selkirk and eventually settled in Ontario. They are buried in Auld Kirk cemetery (Simcoe County) and I have found some very good resources in these archives. 

Also worth investigating:

Papers relating to the Red River Settlers by Chester Martin (a compilation of original documents)

The Romantic Settlement of Lord Selkirk's Colonists, 1909 by George Bryce

Archives of Ontario:
Upper Canada Sundries (document prepared by D. McLean, Agent of the NorthWest Company)
via Internet Archive: (a PDF, therefore takes quite a while to load)

Upper Canada Sundries
via Janice Nickerson's page (tracing early Ontario roots): 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Introducing Penny Allen

This is an 'interview' on an article 'Where Are the Canadian 
Genealogists Hiding?' that Lorine McGinnis Schulze published on her blog.

I have many interests in genealogy, but most of the time I delve into emigration, land ownership and early settlers to Canada. Because of my work, I enjoy learning about maritime history, British - Royal Navy, Merchant Navy, Canadian - RCN, WRENs and anything similar. The prairies of Western Canada are also near and dear to my research. I am particularly interested in the First World War - especially the CEF Canadian Expeditionary Force and have found that Canadian War diaries are held at the National Archives UK. I have yet to pursue my Scandinavian roots and am keen to start uncovering that branch of the tree.

Here's a reference to lookups I will do for your research.

Lorine also interviewed a few other Canadian Genealogists listed below. Perhaps you would be surprised to discover a genealogist in your neighbourhood!

Fred Blair (War of 1812 Canadian Stories); Ruth Blair (The Passionate Genealogist);
Elise Cole (Librarians Helping Canadian Genealogists Climb Family Trees); Gail Dever (Genealogy à la Carte); Yvonne Demoskoff (Yvonne's Genealogy Blog); Allison Hare; Katherine Lake Hogan (Looking4Ancestors); Janet Iles (Janet the Researcher); Ken McKinlay (Family Tree Knots); 
Brenda Dougall Merriman; Janice Nickerson (Upper Canada Genealogy); Dave Obee; John D. Reid (Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections); M. Diane Rogers (Canada Genealogy, or, 'Jane's Your Aunt'); 
Lorine McGinnis Schulze (Olive Tree Genealogy website and blog); Diane Lynn Tibert (Roots to the Past); Christine Woodcock (Scottish Genealogy Tips & Tricks); Glenn Wright


9 Resources for Researching Your Canadian Ancestors
Guest Blog 13 March 2017
Ancestry Blog UK

The Society of Genealogists Library
Relatively Speaking (May 2016, Volume 44, Number 2) Pgs 87-89(Relatively Speaking is published by the Alberta Genealogy Society)

From the Other Side of the Desk
Chinook (Winter, January 2015, Volume 35, Number 2) Page 10
(The Chinook is published by the Alberta Family History Society)

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Online Historical Newspapers

While researching for this blog article, it became apparent that there is so much information to cover.
Thanks to BGSU University and Carol Singer much of the work is readily available.

Please also check Gail's site for her work listing of newspapers online
Also check Kenneth Marks Ancestor Hunt pages for many more newspapers - it's his speciality.
This is Kenneth's page for Online Canadian Newspapers

Newspapers provide not only obituaries, but information about community events (which may mention that elusive ancestor), individuals, and social structure, Advertisements are also valuable, as they display addresses and owners of businesses in the area. Smaller communities published a 'weekly', once per week newspaper, and this practice continues today.

Some of the pages found on the BGSU webpage:

Alberta Historical Newspapers

British Columbia Historical Newspapers

Second World War - The Maple Leaf 1944-1946

Toronto Ontario Historical Newspapers - free searches, but to see the articles you may have to pay.

Toronto Daily Mail 1881-1885, 1887-1895;  Toronto Daily Star 1945;   Toronto Star 1894- 
Toronto: Globe 1858, 1865, 1869 

Toronto: Globe and Mail Historical Newspaper Archive  1844 to 2012 - this information was found on the Toronto Public Library website - this resource is provided in the library by Proquest. 

Online Newspapers
Saskatchewan News Index
Historical Directory Of Saskatchewan Newspapers, 1878-1983

If there are other newspapers that you want to see that are not listed, I would suggest contacting the local library as they may have microfilm copies of area newspapers. 

- While looking for an index to Canadian newspapers resulted in this interesting find from Library and Archives Canada. This is one example:
Selective index to Canadian newspapers. — Ottawa : Public Archives of Canada, 197-. -
Card catalogue in Library and Archives Canada's Reference Room (120 card drawers).
Period of Coverage: 1890s-1950s (approximate)
Personal name and subject index interfiled. 
Selective indexing of historical and political events. 
Some obituary notices also included. 
Major newspapers indexed include: The Globe and Mail (Toronto), The Halifax Chronicle-Herald, Halifax Herald, Montreal Gazette, Montreal Herald, Montreal Standard, Montreal Star, Ottawa Citizen, The Ottawa Journal, Quebec Chronicle, The Recorder and Times (Brockville, ON), Winnipeg Free Press.

Family History Societies in Canada

   Family history societies are often a key resource to the online genealogist. They often will have an 'in-house' database which contains very specific information to the city and or province they are located in.
   Please remember they are manned by volunteers, have very tight budgets, and your 'donations' or fees contribute to the work they provide to us as genealogists.
   Support your local society!

Alberta -  (Alberta Family History Society)
        (Alberta Genealogical Society)

British Columbia -

Manitoba -

New Brunswick -

Newfoundland -

Northwest Territories -  - NWT Archives

Nova Scotia -

Nunavut - formed as a province April 1, 1999. Records before this date are held with the NWT government. Please check with the NWT Archives.  The archives for Nunavut may be able to help with genealogy.

Ontario -

Prince Edward Island -

Quebec -

Saskatchewan -

Yukon -