Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Canada @ WDYTYA Live!

As Canada celebrates 150 years in 2017, this is an opportune time for Canadian Genealogy to be promoted at Who Do You Think You Are Live! an intense 3 day Genealogy show in Birmingham, England.

For many years, the Who Do You Think You Are Live! (WDYTYA) show has represented all parts of the United Kingdom. Last year, American Ancestors, from the United States, attended and were extremely busy all 3 days. From the Who Do You Think You Are Live! website, American Ancestors are listed as an exhibitor for 2017. Over 13,000 people walked through the doors who were very excited to find information about their ancestors. To my knowledge, although Canadians have been invited as speakers, there is as of yet no single representation by or of Canadian genealogists or societies.
My proposal is to represent Canadian Genealogy and 
my country at this unique event.
This is a prime promotional opportunity for your 
organization, not to be missed!

Who Am I?
I have attended the WDYTYA show for approximately 5 years in the capacity of an 'Ask the Expert' - volunteering for the Society of Genealogists. First and foremost, I am a Canadian, an experienced genealogist and a professional working in the heritage sector in the U.K. 

Whenever I have the opportunity, I support and recommend organizations that have anything to do with Canadian genealogy, family history or indeed, Canadian history. Some of those include: the Peel Collection at the UofA, the Archives of Ontario, the fantastic searchable databases at all of the provincial Archives. Family History Societies include: Alberta Genealogical Society, Ontario Genealogical Society, BC Genealogical Society, Saskatchewan Genealogical Society and many more. I regularly promote Canadian Archives, Museums and Libraries when speaking with UK genealogists. Often the starting point is Library and Archives Canada. I have written about many of these valuable genealogical resources on My Blog

What's in it for You?
If you are a Family History Society, send me your promotional material. If you are a Museum/Archive, send me your promotional material. If you are a Commercial Vendor, send me your promotional material. I will sell, promote and talk to customers until I am hoarse, on behalf of your organization using whatever material you send my way

To give you a flavour of the show, two of my favourite Canadian genealogists, John D. Reid and M.Diane Rogers reported on their visit to the show. Also, here is the 2016 WDYTYA Live photo gallery

Your Support If you would like your organization to be promoted at WDYTYA Live in Birmingham in 2017, please consider supporting the nominal cost of a table. (More details available.) That is the only outlay required as I will foot the cost of accommodation and transportation. I am passionate to pursue this fantastic opportunity and very proud to have an opportunity to represent my country.

If you have any suggestions, ideas for promotion, or would like to discuss 
any thoughts regarding the above, please do get in touch.  Thank You!

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