Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Battle of Seven Oaks 1816; Inquiry 1818; Manitoba

While researching on the Library and Archives Canada page, 
I noticed a box at the bottom of the page - Transcribers needed! 
'clipped from the Home page of
Library and Archives Canada' 
Very exciting to see a request for volunteers to transcribe the document relating to the Coltman Report, 1818 - Inquiry into the Offences Committed at the Battle of Seven Oaks. The LAC has digitized all 521 pages of an original handwritten record by William Coltman and it is freely available on this webpage.

Coltman's report investigated the battle between the Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company, 19th June 1816. It is an important resource for the study of fur-trade war and history of the Métis Nation.

  • Did your family immigrate to the Red River during the 1800s or with Lord Selkirk in 1813-1815?
  • Is it possible that your family was involved in this battle? 
  • Consider volunteering to transcribe an important document that touches your ancestors lives. 

  • There are some criteria for the transcription process, and LAC provides guidelines for maintaining continuity and fluidity across all of the transcriptions.

    This is one of the easiest ways to transcribe online records that I have seen! 
    There is no need to download the image, all of the transcribing can be done on the same page in a box to the right of the image. It has a 'chat box' feel, where you can enter free text in real time. It is also comforting to see a 'Needs Review' comment, which means that there will be double checking of the transcription for accuracy.

    If you don't wish to transcribe, you can still read the document, page by page, thereby gaining an understanding of what happened at la Grenouillière 'Frog Plain'.

    A small collection of resources for Background on Seven Oaks:

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