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Maritime Libraries - Portsmouth and Gosport

Maritime Archives and Libraries provide very specialised maritime information.
This book is useful for finding maritime resources in libraries around the UK.

The title:
Maritime Information : a guide to libraries and sources of information in the United Kingdom. by Fenton, Briody and Macdonald. 2004. 1901703452

This information is reproduced with permission from the publishers.
Future posts will highlight various archives around the UK.

Disclaimer: as this book was published in 2004, I have tried to update the websites (2016), but internet addresses often change and some organisations may not have survived.


Hampshire Naval Collection
Hampshire County Council Libraries & Information Service
Gosport Library
e: online form
Subject Coverage: Predominantly Royal Navy, but includes world navies; collection reflects Gosport's special association with the development of the submarine, naval aviation, naval ordinance and naval medicine.
Special Collections: Unique file of Gosport editions of 'Hampshire Telegraph and Post' and 'Naval Chronicle' 1939-1956.
Hovercraft Museum Trust : HMS Daedalus
e: online form
Subject Coverage: Hovercraft - all aspects, plans, manuals, archives, photos and film; Cockerell's patents; over 50 hovercraft in store

Institute of Naval Medicine 
Subject Coverage: Naval (medical) history; underwater medicine; survival; thermal medicine; physiology.


The Mary Rose Trust
Subject Coverage: 16th century ships; navigation and ordnance equipment.

Nautical Archaeology Society
Subject Coverage: All aspects of maritime, foreshore (inter-tidal), harbour, underwater, submerged landscapes, submerged settlements, lacustrine, estuarine archaeology.
Special Collections: Archive copies of the 'International Journal of Nautical Archeology'.

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Portsmouth Central Library 
Subject coverage: Mainly printed books (no archives); some pamphlets, photographs, cuttings, ship photographs cover: any warship and navy (in theory) at any time, anywhere. Strong in biography, R.N. history, ship construction and history, voyages and exploration, First and Second World Wars, 'Navy Lists' 1778 to date. Navy Records Society and other naval periodicals.

Portsmouth Museums and Records Service
City Museum and Records Office
Subject Coverage: Holdings reflect the impact of the navy, army and Dockyard on the people and local economy of Portsmouth.

A strength of the collection is the role of landing craft in Operation Neptune and most notable are the papers of Commander Rupert Curtis, DSC RNVR.
-Development of Mulberry Harbours and the parts played by McAlpine and Sons Ltd. and the Directorate of Transportation at the War Office.
-Late 18th, 19th and 20th century paintings, prints and drawings of naval and merchant vessels.
-Mementoes of famous ships and wrecks, relics relating to Jack the Painter, naval medals and cannons.
-Photographic and postcards of naval and other vessels in and around Portsmouth harbour and general maritime images.
-Service certificates, souvenir programmes and personal letters of naval personnel.

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Special Collections:
-Crew lists for ships registered in Portsmouth and Cowes, 1863-1913
-Customs and Excise Registers
-Fishing registers, Port of Portsmouth, c. 1930-1970
-Items from HMS Bounty
-Items relating to 1875-1876 voyage of HMS Alert and HMS Discovery and Captain Giffard
-Large collection of work by marine artist W.L. Wyllie, particularly from the years he lived in Portsmouth.
-Large numbers of works on a maritime theme by lesser-known and local artists.
-Letters, logbooks and family papers belonging to Hulbert-Jackson, prize agent
-Letters regarding Spithead Mutiny, 1797, from Lord Howe and other miscellaneous papers
-Letters relating to the Board of Ordnance, early to mid 18th century
-Portsmouth shipping registers, 1820-1870
-Records of the Royal Sailors Rest and the Royal Marine and Naval Orphanage, along with plans,       photographs and postcards of barrack and naval or military groups and events
-Watercolours and lithographs by the Deane brothers, featuring material recovered from wrecks including Mary Rose, Royal Oak and the East Indiaman Earl of Abergavenny.

Portsmouth University - The Centre for Marine Resource Economics (CEMARE)
Note on the website: Now Closed.
Subject Coverage: Multi-disciplinary research into marine resources, especially fish
Special collections: Large FAO collection

Royal Marines Museum
Subject coverage: Naval history, Royal Marines history 1664-date; military history, naval/military social history; barracks/buildings; weapons/small arms; medals; biographies.
Special collections: George Aston papers; 380 personal diaries of Royal Marines; Lewis Rotely letters of Trafalgar

Royal Naval Museum
Subject coverage: Naval biographies; naval social history; naval operational history; navigation; ship information; naval architecture; museology
Special collections: part of the Admiralty Library, including Admiralty Library manuscript collection.  WRNS Historic Collection; 20th Century oral history; Wright & Logan Photographic Collection

Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC)
Royal Ocean Racing Club incorporating Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, Cowes
Subject Coverage: Offshore yacht racing.

HMS Sultan Library
Subject Coverage: Aeronautical, marine, mechanical, electrical and electronicengineering; physical sciences, mathematics, computing, anagement and defence studeis - principally in print format
Special Collections: small collection of genearl naval history; collection of works on the history of naval engineering. Archival material relating to the former Royal Naval Engineering College, Plymouth.

The Waterways Museum
Subject Coverage: Transport history: the Aire and Calder Navigation and associated waterways and organisations. Social history of canal and river workers of Yorkshire and their families. Growth and development of the port of Goole. History of shipping in the Goole area; Industrial archaeology of Goole port. Ship and boatbuilding in Yorkshire.
Special Collections: History of 'Tom Puddings' coal-carrying system and boat hoists. Life and work of WH Bartholomew, Chief Engineer for the Aire and Calder Navigation, 1853-1919; Goole Shipbuilding and Repair Yard; Ship models. Cabin of Sheffield-size keel, 1910. Wheldale, 1959 diesel tug.

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