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Poole to Newfoundland - Update!

Original Poole to Newfoundland article
Interesting news to add to the post about the connection between Poole, Newfoundland and Cod.

While researching at the National Maritime Museum, I found references to the numbers of ships arriving in Newfoundland, their dates of arrival, and how many tons of cargo they were carrying. This information is provided in the Admiral Duff collection and these points and images were taken from the Caird Library website.

DUF/12. : Returns of Vessels inward and outward Newfoundland March-October 1775. Includes Sack Ships (supply vessels), fishing vessels, Trade ships from America, also numbers of passengers from England and Ireland.

Duff was posted to Newfoundland in April 1775, however, he soon took a posting in the Mediterranean in 1777. Newfoundland can be a difficult place to live, especially in the winter!
Full page of DUF/12

Vessels inwards and outwards. 1775 (image to the right)

Column Headings – Inwards:
No., Ships Names, Masters Names, Where belong as per Register, Time of Arrival, Burden(?) in Tons /Register, Men, Passengers Eng. Passengers Irish.

Example: No. 157, Ships Names: True Briton, Masters Names: Wm. Jackson, Where belong: Whitely, Time of Arrival: 19th Sept. 09.52, Tons [cargo] 200, 11 men, 0 passengers

1775 Column Headings – Outwards:

Number of Sack Ships, Number of Fish Ships, Trad Ships from America, Ships Names, Fish Carriers to market/Quintals; Whether bound abroad or Home, If bound home how many Passengers for England & Ireland. 

A sample of Vessel Names: Mary, Triton, Elizabeth, John, Little Robin, Siren, Ann, Active, Lyon, Belsey, Grayhound, The V. Dorothy, Success, Bristol, Drake, Lively, Rose, Amity, Tom Cod, Penguin, Spark, Wilke, Vestal, Gange, Joanna & Agnes.   

To find out more information about the interesting historical background of the industry of cod fishing, this book will give a good overview. It particularly highlights the Cod Moratorium that was enforced by the Canadian government in July 1992.
Cod : a biography of the fish that changed the world. By Mark Kurlansky, ISBN: 0099268701.
Cod Moratorium: http://www.heritage.nf.ca/articles/economy/moratorium.php

Wikipedia: Robert Duff (Royal Navy officer)
[accessed: 09 May 2016]

The Government of Newfoundland has a very brief biography, from their Government House Bibliography page : http://www.heritage.nf.ca/articles/politics/naval-robert-duff.php [accessed: 09 May 2016]

A Who Was Who of Families Engaged in the Fishery and Settlement of Newfoundland 1660-1840 by Keith Matthews. Memorial University 28 Jan. 1971.

DUF/12 - National Maritime Museum Caird Library
http://collections.rmg.co.uk/archive/objects/491734.html  [accessed: 09 May 2016]

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