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Maritime Ads and Passenger List Victoria, B.C. 1911

While searching for a 1911 marriage announcement in the BC newspaper, the British Colonist, (coverage 1858-1951) I came across a few vessel announcements that I wanted to share and perhaps you will find interesting. There is an entire page for this issue that pertains to shipping information and some issues include passenger lists of vessels travelling between islands in the Georgia Strait and to Vancouver.

The Daily Colonist, Victoria, B.C.,  Sat.Aug.4.1900 

these two adverts describe the contents of cargo, dates of
departure and arrival, and any other newsworthy information.
both of these screenshots were taken from the Internet Archive [accessed 16 May 2016]

The Canadian Pacific British Columbia Coast Service is a ferry service, calling at ports such as Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo and Prince Rupert. The advertisement names the ships, S.S. Princess Victoria, S.S. Princess Beatrice, S.S. City of Nanaimo and also states the dates of sailing and arrival.

Passenger List - Aug.4.1900 - shows passengers travelling on inter island steamers. Some of the names on the steamer Islander from Vancouver: Cameron, Charlesworth, Collister, Henderson, Holden, Lee, Neill, McLean, Webster, Wiley. Steamer Victorian from the Sound: Butler, Hiek, Hibbon, Little, McKnight, Munro, Sullivan.

screenshot captured from the Internet Archive [accessed 16 May 2016]

I accessed the images of the newspaper through the Internet Archive, but as a re-direct from the British Colonist website, where it is much easier to search for specific dates and keyword searching. 

From the British Colonist website, they describe the Colonist as 'a leading paper' and 'the' paper for the Province of British Columbia until the 1890s. However, coverage does continue up to 1951 which makes it a great place to find living cousins.  

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