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Maritime Libraries in the UK - Southampton

The Maritime Libraries post continues to generate interest. This book is useful for finding maritime resources in libraries around the UK, so I've asked the publishers for permission to add content from the book. Keep an eye out for future posts that highlight various archives around the UK.

The title is:
Maritime Information : a guide to libraries and sources of information in the United Kingdom. by Fenton, Briody and Macdonald. 2004. 1901703452

Disclaimer: as this book was published in 2004, I have tried to update
 the websites (2016), but internet addresses often change.


ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd.

Subject coverage: Port development; dredging studies and licencing; navigation and mooring studies; marina projects; lock design and operation; hydraulic structures; sea defences and bank protection; wave studies; flood studies and water resource management; environmental impact assessment; estuary morphology studies; habitat creation; waterways; numerical modelling and computer applications; hydrographic surveys and field investigations; general research; library and navigational advisory services; GIS applications.

Association of British Sailmakers (ABS)
Lock's Heath, Southampton SO31 6PR
No website found

Address: 2 Orchard Road, Locks Heath, Southampton, SO31 6PR
Contact Details
Phone: 01489 601517
Subject coverage: sailcloth and sailmaking.
Publications: 'Mainsheet' produced 6 to 10 times a year for members and advertising suppliers

Association of Sea Training Organisations (ASTO)
c/o Royal Yachting Association
Subject coverage: Sail training opportunities, primarily for young people
Publications: Brochure 'Sail to Adventure' lists sail training opportunities and is published every two years.

Challenger Society for Marine Science
e: not found
Learned Society

Marine Information and Advisory Service (MIAS) 'The voice of UK marine science community'
e: webform
Special Collections: Discovery investigations archive; Expedition Reports; Challenger Society for Marine Science Archives.
Specific databases:
OCEANIS (in-House database)
Zoological Record
Science Direct

Maritime and Coastguard Agency
Subject coverage: Research reports; some wreck reports; Acts and regulations relating to mariitme issues; accident reports; limited amounts of maritime books; publicity material.

Merchant Navy Welfare Board
Subject coverage: Information on welfare provision for domiciled and visiting seafarers within the UK and considerable information about other national and international seafarers' welfare agencies
Publications: Advice on making wills and funeral arrangements; Brochure on MNWB services; Database of nautical charities providing assistance to individuals; Database of seafarers' homes.

Southampton Central Library
e: email not found
Subject coverage: Mercantile shipping; containerisation; some naval material.
Special collections: Titanic Collection; 'Lloyd's Registers of Ships': 1764 to date, incomplete Publications: Southampton's Ships: an index to periodical references, 1978.

Southampton City Archives
Subject coverage: Merchant navy; seamanship; ship design' trade; port administration; ship movements; ship personnel; legal records; cargoes.
Special collections: Southampton crew lists, 1863-1913; Isherwood Collection, 6,500 drawings of elevations of ships by Captain Isherwood; Photographs of ships indexed by ship name; Southampton Harbour Board Records including minutes, 1803-1968; port and harbour ledger, 1868-1896; wharfingers day books, 1881-1968; Thornycroft Shipbuilders Records, c. 1850-1968; Central Index register of Merchant Seamen, 1918-41 for personnel serving British register ships (arranged alphabetically and by seamen discharge number); Harrison collection: papers of a ship's chef, c. 1914-1956; Court of Admiralty records 1488-1756; Itchen Floating Bridge Co., 1833-1933; Port and petty customs books, 1426-1803; South East Engineering and Shipbuilding Employers Association, 1902-78.
Specific companies and groups: John H. Thornycroft.

Southampton City Art Gallery
Special collections: seascapes and maritime themes by various artists

Southampton Heritage Services see Southampton City Archives
e: email not found
Subject coverage: Merchant shipping and the Port of Southampton, with particular reference to passenger shps and cargo handling; local shipbuilding.
Special collections: Archival material on Furness Withy; Vosper Thornycorft; British Power Boat Co.; Day, Summers Photographic archives of British Ports collection, Mitchell, Kennaway and Philips Collections Liner ephemera, furnishings and fittings.

Southampton Institute
e: webform
Subject Coverage: Shipping, maritime economics, safety at sea, seamanship, cargo handling, navigation, marine engineering, yacht and boat design, oceanography, marine environmental science and management, maritime law, ship history, maritime leisure management.
Special collections: A branch library at Warsash Maritime Centre - specialises in the education and training of merchant seamen and houses and historical collection of maritime journals and 'Lloyd's Registers' and a current collection of 'Merchant Shipping Notices' and 'Merchant Shipping Statutory Instruments'.

Yacht Charter Association (YCA)
website not found
e: email not found
Subject coverage: Safety standards
Publications: 'Guide to Charter' and 'List of Charter Operators and their Fleets' (annual).

See also:
Maritime Libraries in the UK :

Aberdeen,  Cumbria,  East India Company,   Gosport + Portsmouth,  Liverpool,  ShipwrecksWales

“Reproduced by kind permission of the Maritime Information Association”

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Maritime Ads and Passenger List Victoria, B.C. 1911

While searching for a 1911 marriage announcement in the BC newspaper, the British Colonist, (coverage 1858-1951) I came across a few vessel announcements that I wanted to share and perhaps you will find interesting. There is an entire page for this issue that pertains to shipping information and some issues include passenger lists of vessels travelling between islands in the Georgia Strait and to Vancouver.

The Daily Colonist, Victoria, B.C.,  Sat.Aug.4.1900 

these two adverts describe the contents of cargo, dates of
departure and arrival, and any other newsworthy information.
both of these screenshots were taken from the Internet Archive [accessed 16 May 2016]

The Canadian Pacific British Columbia Coast Service is a ferry service, calling at ports such as Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo and Prince Rupert. The advertisement names the ships, S.S. Princess Victoria, S.S. Princess Beatrice, S.S. City of Nanaimo and also states the dates of sailing and arrival.

Passenger List - Aug.4.1900 - shows passengers travelling on inter island steamers. Some of the names on the steamer Islander from Vancouver: Cameron, Charlesworth, Collister, Henderson, Holden, Lee, Neill, McLean, Webster, Wiley. Steamer Victorian from the Sound: Butler, Hiek, Hibbon, Little, McKnight, Munro, Sullivan.

screenshot captured from the Internet Archive [accessed 16 May 2016]

I accessed the images of the newspaper through the Internet Archive, but as a re-direct from the British Colonist website, where it is much easier to search for specific dates and keyword searching. 

From the British Colonist website, they describe the Colonist as 'a leading paper' and 'the' paper for the Province of British Columbia until the 1890s. However, coverage does continue up to 1951 which makes it a great place to find living cousins.  

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Internet Archive - Canadian Resources

There is so much to discover on Internet Archive for Canadian material!

In the special Canadian Libraries section you'll find collections such as: city directories, school yearbooks, teacher magazines, farm magazines, special associations and a very good collection of rare books. - the landing page for Canadian Libraries on the Internet Archive. From their 'About' information, they indicate that Internet Archive Canada has digitized almost 522,741 collections all pertaining to Canadian resources. My count shows that over 75 libraries and special archives have contributed material.

Some examples: (Click Here for a list of the participating Canadian Libraries)
The Canadian Rose Society Collection (anything and everything to do with growing roses), the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT Bulletin), the yearbooks of Elmwood School in Ottawa (an independent International Baccalaureate World School with beginnings in 1915.) The Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library (focussing on Canada-Hong Kong).

VIP!! The United Farmers Association deserves special mention as a unique resource for those searching for farm families across the country. Many who are currently farming subscribe to this publication which provides news pertinent to everyday rural life. Some of the earliest issues include United Farmers of Alberta Fonds shows various publications of the magazine, including conference proceedings which has lists of names.

Tip: Clicking on the magnifying glass - 'search inside' -  
opens the digitized image in a much bigger format 
and is much easier to read.    Sorting the list by Title puts the issues in date order.

In one example, at the very end of the publication, Delegates in Attendance at Seventh Annual Convention shows 4 pages of an alphabetical list of names and further along, the Alberta Women's Convention also shows names of women in attendance, mostly married women. Both of these lists show their affiliated 'union' [sic]  location (not necessarily place of residence), however this would help pinpoint the location of their residence.

Some issues of the UFA of Alberta provide a special page devoted to a mini biography of individual farmers that also highlights their farm operation.

Another very good collection is the CIHM Monograph Collection provided by the University of Alberta Libraries - very important and very early collection of items from the UofA archives (original format is microfilm).


  • Ontarian families [microform] : genealogies of United-Empire-Loyalist and other pioneer families of Upper Canada by Chadwick, Edward Marion, 1840-1921 
  • Family record of the name of Dingwall Fordyce in Aberdeenshire [microform] : showing descent from the first known progenitor of either name -both direct and collateral : with appendix containing notices of individuals and families incidentally referred to by Fordyce, A. D. (Alexander Dingwall), d. 1894
  • missionary society publications
  • numerous city directories, ie: Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto 

Lastly, under the University of Alberta collection : Alberta Homestead Records 1870-1940 organized by Reel No. which takes a fair bit of detective work to search. So you'd have to be very persistent and doggoned determined to find your family in this collection!

Note: The Alberta Genealogy Society has a valuable index to Homestead Records here:

I do not have a subscription, but I believe this collection is now on Ancestry, search their Card Catalogue for Alberta Homestead Records. Although I'm not sure, why does their title indicate the years as 1870-1930? Who's collection title is correct?

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Canadian Merchant Navy WWII

My gramma had a beautiful Chinese table that my sister and I loved to play tea parties at. But only if we were very very careful. It was similar to the picture shown, although black in colour, round with small stools that were fitted cleverly into the circle.
original image from
also from Live

As I grew older I asked where and how did it get to my gramma's house? I was told that my uncle brought it back from China during the Second World War because he was in the Merchant Navy. Much later I found a handwritten letter from my uncle to my gramma written on a ship from somewhere in China. 

Of course this led me down another genealogy journey. 

Library and Archives Canada had the answer.

1st letter rec'd

As I couldn't see anywhere to apply online, I wrote an old fashioned letter to Veterans Affairs Canada and received the following in reply.

"This is a letter to your request received on January 6, 2016 for Merchant Navy records. 
Before a search through Veterans Affairs Canada files can be performed, additional information such as the Veteran's name, service number and or a date of birth is required.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at our toll free number or directly at 902-626-2861."
(Even though they could see my UK address, they did not provide international dialing information - which is 001-902-636-2861.)

I wrote yet another letter with the details they requested, and included his mother and father's name and where he lived for good measure. I did not have his service number. 

Letter No. 2

I was quite thrilled to receive a reply about 3 weeks later and was very surprised that they did not request payment of any kind - therefore it was a free service but perhaps because I was able to prove I was next of kin?

From the letter:
"On the record of sea service I have highlighted the vessels by colour code. The yellow highlight, the records have been researched. The pink highlight, the records were not researched, as we do not have the records available. Our records only go up to approximately 1953, however sometimes the records continue to a later date. Only service that is verified is entered on the sea service."

"Due to Access to Information & Privacy, I am only able to send what is in the package. There are several names listed on the official log books of the ships along with your uncles. The information on the Sea Service is taken directly from those logs." 

Attachments to Letter No. 2
(Names withheld upon request.)
So here is the Statement of Sea Service. From the 'Destination of Voyage' you can see the Waitomo was a Foreign Going ship. This is the ship that he went to China on and his position was Ordinary Seaman. Which means he was a junior deck hand, possibly gaining experience for an Able Seaman role. They were responsible for helping to run the ship in any capacity while at sea and in port. 

This information does not verify the family story that my uncle was in WW2. The first date showing duty on a ship is 1946. From his date of birth, 1930, it certainly is clear that he was too young to have been in the Second World War. 

Certainly is proof that family stories can be stretched a little. I am fortunate there are still members of the family available to ask for clarification of some of these stories.
© Tony Conroy
Possibly the Waitomo, image provided by [accessed: 15.May.2016] via Google Images.

Wartime records for the Merchant Navy, 1939-1947 and 1951-1953, are held by:
Access to Information and Privacy
Veterans Affairs Canada 
PO Box 7700
Charlottetown, PEI
C1A 8M9
Tel.: 1-877-566-8609 this is a toll free number from within Canada
Tel.: 00-800-996-2242 (toll-free)
Tel.: 001-613-996-2242 (collect)
Fax: 902-368-0496 

Other sites of interest
This is quite a long article, but contains quite good information on Canadian military records

The page provides some background information on the Canadian Merchant Navy 

A tribute to Merchant Seamen of the Second World War 

Merchant Mariners - an article provided by the Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage site, published by Memorial University

Royal Canadian Legion's article about the Merchant Navy in the Second World War.

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Family History Journal articles

A super tip for breaking brick walls! 

Considering the number of articles about special databases, research carried out by members on a variety of subjects and sometimes, a transcription right there in black and white, a family history journal is a very good resource for breaking brick walls!

Announcements about transcription projects or new databases created by the family history societies are often noted in journals. As well, digital content is mentioned in family history journals. Many well known authors write for Family History Societies which are then published in their journals.

To find these articles, take a look at Regina Public Library's Prairie History Blog, where you will find an index to article titles from new issues of family history journals that they receive in the library.

On the blog, the lists can be found under categories: New Magazines, at :

Some of the journals and titles of articles that are indexed:

Families: Ontario Genealogical Society, Vol. 55, No. 1, February 2016
"Home Burials" by Royce MacGillivray.
Back issues (1962-2016) of Families is provided digitally on their website if you have a membership.

Family Tree Magazine (U.S.) March/April 2016 .
"Going by the Books," by Dana McCullough and Diane Haddad

Folklore: Saskatchewan's Yesterday's Personified, Spring 2016
"Interview: Fahlman on WWII Telegraphs" by Bill Armstrong

Generations: The Manitoba Genealogical Society Volume 41, No. 1 (March 2016)
"The Manitoba Name Index: an Update" by Sandra Havig
Issues from 1976-2010 are indexed on the MANI website, for members only.

Relatively Speaking:The Alberta Genealogical Society Magazine. Volume 44, No.1 (February, 2016).
"Inadequacies of Online Sourcing," by Cecilia Heritage (Celia presented at Who Do You Think You Are Live 2016)  

Relatively Speaking, the Alberta Genealogical Society's publication, is also indexed by title on their website. 

NGS Magazine: For Generations Past, Present, and Future. Vol. 42, No.1,January-March 2016.
"Researching World War II Naval Armed Guard Veterans," by Melissa A. Johnson
Access to 2005 - the current issue are available to members only. However, an article search of the journal is free. 

Find My Past also provides indexes to Family History Journals under the database PERSI (Periodical Source Index). Find it under the AtoZ of records set or under the Newspapers and Periodicals. 
       This index comes via The Genealogy Centre, Allen County Public Library, Indiana. You can search for any article and then request a copy of the article from their library. 

If your genealogy library has copies of these journals, it's a source not to be missed!

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Poole to Newfoundland - Update!

Original Poole to Newfoundland article
Interesting news to add to the post about the connection between Poole, Newfoundland and Cod.

While researching at the National Maritime Museum, I found references to the numbers of ships arriving in Newfoundland, their dates of arrival, and how many tons of cargo they were carrying. This information is provided in the Admiral Duff collection and these points and images were taken from the Caird Library website.

DUF/12. : Returns of Vessels inward and outward Newfoundland March-October 1775. Includes Sack Ships (supply vessels), fishing vessels, Trade ships from America, also numbers of passengers from England and Ireland.

Duff was posted to Newfoundland in April 1775, however, he soon took a posting in the Mediterranean in 1777. Newfoundland can be a difficult place to live, especially in the winter!
Full page of DUF/12

Vessels inwards and outwards. 1775 (image to the right)

Column Headings – Inwards:
No., Ships Names, Masters Names, Where belong as per Register, Time of Arrival, Burden(?) in Tons /Register, Men, Passengers Eng. Passengers Irish.

Example: No. 157, Ships Names: True Briton, Masters Names: Wm. Jackson, Where belong: Whitely, Time of Arrival: 19th Sept. 09.52, Tons [cargo] 200, 11 men, 0 passengers

1775 Column Headings – Outwards:

Number of Sack Ships, Number of Fish Ships, Trad Ships from America, Ships Names, Fish Carriers to market/Quintals; Whether bound abroad or Home, If bound home how many Passengers for England & Ireland. 

A sample of Vessel Names: Mary, Triton, Elizabeth, John, Little Robin, Siren, Ann, Active, Lyon, Belsey, Grayhound, The V. Dorothy, Success, Bristol, Drake, Lively, Rose, Amity, Tom Cod, Penguin, Spark, Wilke, Vestal, Gange, Joanna & Agnes.   

To find out more information about the interesting historical background of the industry of cod fishing, this book will give a good overview. It particularly highlights the Cod Moratorium that was enforced by the Canadian government in July 1992.
Cod : a biography of the fish that changed the world. By Mark Kurlansky, ISBN: 0099268701.
Cod Moratorium:

Wikipedia: Robert Duff (Royal Navy officer)
[accessed: 09 May 2016]

The Government of Newfoundland has a very brief biography, from their Government House Bibliography page : [accessed: 09 May 2016]

A Who Was Who of Families Engaged in the Fishery and Settlement of Newfoundland 1660-1840 by Keith Matthews. Memorial University 28 Jan. 1971.

DUF/12 - National Maritime Museum Caird Library  [accessed: 09 May 2016]

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A Living Archive - War Brides - WWII

While researching websites in southern Alberta for unusual digital collections, I happened across this little gem. It's so satisfying to see the museums and archives preserving the stories and memories of their local personalities. (The highlight of this personal story is particularly about WW2 War Brides, but I got a bit distracted and have included resources for those looking for Canadian Soldiers, more information below.)

This interview, which is almost an hour long, is with Dorothy Carleton, originally from Reading, Wiltshire. I found it on the Whyte Museum's website, more information below.

Highway to Jasper © Penny Allen
Fantastic interview (Fireside Chat 2013) with Dorothy Carleton, aged 94 yrs, who was married to Ed Carleton, a Canadian Park Ranger.

Born in London, she lived most of her life in Reading, Wiltshire, Dorothy spent time in the Second World War as an Air Raid Warden. Her employer, the English Forestry Association would not release her from her 'reserved' position, as they were considered as a necessary service for the war. Dorothy was disappointed, as she was was really keen to join the Land Army.

Dorothy was one of 40,000 war brides and describes some of her voyage on the ship as well as the train journey with 'her little bundle of joy' as she calls her first son, Mike. They started married life in Didsbury, Alberta where her husband's family lived in a rural setting and after about a year he applied for a job with Parks Canada as a Park Warden. They moved to the Canadian Rockies where she learned how to adjust to the Canadian winter, backcountry life and cooking on a wood stove. This experience is definitely representative of living a life in the wild, and an adjustment for a girl from England! At one point, her sister and husband came to visit from England, and just couldn't understand how she could stand the "rough and ready life". However, once you live in the mountains for a while, you learn to love it.

Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies
Banff Alberta

Veterans Canada has a fabulous page for researching War Brides that came to Canada.
Canadian War Brides

This website Canada's War Brides provides a List of Provincial War Brides Associations in Canada. It is managed by Melynda Jarrat who has written two books: War Brides and Captured Hearts. There is also a Facebook Group.

This website: Canadian Children of WW2 is no longer active, but there are some links to surnames.

Canadian Soldier in WW2 the latest date on this site is 2001, but the hints on the main page are good reminders of how to look for Canadian soldiers.

CBC Digital Archives (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has an interesting page about Children Seeking their WW2 fathers.

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Passenger Steamship Arrivals in USA 1890 to 1930

Everyone wants to see their ancestor's name on a passenger list. More often than not, that manifest just does not physically exist! (unless you are lucky in a search)

It's possible to use other avenues or should I say passages of inquiry. I think this book is a little gem because it provides information on Steamship Arrivals up to 1930 which is difficult to find in other resources.

The Morton Allan Directory can be used to verify the date your ancestor arrived in the U.S. It is organized by year, then alphabetically by steamship line, then by name of port of arrival and port of departure.

The first entry for 1900 is:
   Allan State Line
   Glasgow - New York
   N.Y. Arrival Jan.8
   Steamer: Sarmatian

Unfortunately, names of passengers are not included in this volume, nor is there an index. Finding the name of the ship, which company or steamship line it belonged to and an approximate year is a good start to finding passenger lists.

Details of the book:
Morton Allan Directory of European Passenger Steamship Arrivals for the years 1890 to 1930 at the port of New York and for the years 1904 to 1926 at the ports of New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore.
Published in 1987 Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.  ISBN: 0806308303 (It is a reprint of the original 1931 publication.)

Other resources that might help your search for passenger lists:
    Note: I have found some of these books available online at under the Search | Books link. 

Coldham, Peter Wilson. 1985. English adventurers and emigrants, 1609-1733 : abstracts of examinations in the High Court of Admiralty with reference to Colonial America. Baltimore Genealogical Publishing. ISBN: 0806310820; 0806312211

Filby, P. William. 1981. Passenger and immigration lists index. Gale Cengage. ISBN: 0787619361
Note: this is a very important resource available on Ancestry - look for it in their Card Catalogue as
U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s - also provides a very good description of what information you can find. 

Lancour, Harold (comp). 3rd ed. 1963. A bibliography of ship passenger lists of early immigrants to North America. New York. The book lists names of resources (titles of books) where you may be able to track down the name of your ancestor. Recommend cross referencing the title with your local library or on the World Wide Catalogue - May also be available on the internet.
Look for the Index of Ship Names
(Ship names only, does not contain lists of names of passengers.)

Mitchell, Brian (comp).  1988. Irish passenger lists 1847-1871 : lists of passengers sailing from Londondery to America on ships of the J & J Cooke Line and the McCorkell Line. Baltimore Genealogical Publishing ISBN: 0806312068

Cross reference these titles in your own local library or ask for a RAOK - Random Act of Kindness

Olive Tree Genealogy has a great website for Passenger Lists

Lorine (Olive Tree Genealogy) has also developed a method of searching numerous internet pages at the same time for Ancestors in Ships Passenger Lists

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Maritime Libraries in the UK - Wales

The Maritime Libraries post seems popular, so I've asked for permission to add content from the book. Keep an eye out for future posts that highlight various archives around the UK.
Disclaimer: as this material was published in 2004, I have tried to update the websites (2016), but internet addresses often change.

The title is:
Maritime Information : a guide to libraries and sources of information in the United Kingdom. by Fenton, Briody and Macdonald. 2004. 1901703452


Archives for Wales:

Almwich Industrial Heritage Trust (AIHT)
Copyright: Penny Allen
Twitter: Copper_Kingdom
Special Collections: Local ship builders Treweek, Cox, Paynter, and William Thomas; ship owners; mine owners and workers; breweries; tobacco companies.

Angelesy County Record Office.
Special Collections: Crew lists, port of Beaumaris, Register General of Shipping and Seamen; Board of Trade Marine maps and plans; Records of ports and harbours; Records of seafaring careers of individual seafarers; Records of ships; Anglesey RNLI.
Specific companies and groups: William Thomas and Sons. Amlwch Port; W.H. Owen (1825-1896), Plas Penrhyn, owners of many Liverpool-based ships.

Bangor University College
Archifdy Y Brifysgol / Archives Department
Special Collections: Penrhyn estate documents, 13th-20th centures; Charts from 17th-20th centuries

Caernarfon Harbour Trust
Special Collections: Documents of maritime interest deposited with Gwynedd Archive Service, Caernarfon

Carmarthenshire Archive Service
suggest contacting via : (broken link)
Special Collections: Register of ships, Carmarthen, 1839-1849; Register of ships, Llanelli, 1824-1885; Register of fishing boats, Llanelli, 1902-1943; Register of transactions, Llanelli 1825-1931; Shipping lists 1863-1913; Crew agreements of Carmarthen and Llanelli registered ships.

Ceredigion Archives
Special Collections: Records of HM Customs and Excise: shipping registers for Aberystwyth, 1824-1925; record of sailings from Aberystwyth, 1794-1799; some crew agreements, 1863-1897; log books: Aberystwyth harbour records, c.1900-1914; Marine Board of Trade maps, 19th-20th century; shipping register for Cardigan, 1855-1869; port book for Aberystwyth, 1854-1901 (with gaps).

Flintshire Record Office
e: webform
Subject Coverage: Shipping; shipbuilding; River Dee; fishing; wharves; docks; harbours; ports; lighthouses and piers.
Special Collections: Dee and Clwyd River Authority MSS; Shipping records (Registrar of Shipping and Seamen); Shipping registers; Board of Trade marine maps; Photographs.
Specific Companies and groups: Dee and Clwyd River Authority; J. Crichton and Co. Ltd. shipbuilders. Saltney (mainly photographs)

Gwent County Record Office
Special Collections: West Wales Steamship Company records, 1910-1997; Newport Dock Company; deeds, 1829-1851; History of the ports and docks of Newport, Alexandra and Chepstow; Bills of sale of the ships Unity, Tredegar and Nye, 1807-1829; Share certificates and notices of the AGM of the Great Ship Co. Ltd., 1859; Agreements, crew lists etc. of the ships Sir George Eliot and Lady Tredegar registered at Newport, 1889-1899; Deed of partnership of Alexandra Docks, Newport, 1910-1981; Notes by TT Birkbeck re HMS Foudroyant; Notes by Sir H Nicholas re Lord Nelson, including extracts of his letters.

Gwynedd Archives Service - Dolgellau
Special Collections: Crew lists, merchant ships agreements and official log books of Aber Dyfi ships, 1863-1913 Barmouth; Harbour Trust papers, 1797-1930; Lister family papers including documents relating to the List fleet, 1890-1911 and collection of photographs; Maritime records from the Sailors' Institute, Barmouth including sea charts (19th century); Mercantile Navy Lists' and maritime directories, 1896-1917; Lloyd's Registers, 1910-1917; Slate quarrying; Tryweryn Papers.

Holyhead Maritime Museum
e: web form
Special Collections:Artefacts belonging to Captain John MacGregor Skinner, 1760-1832
Specific companies and groups: LNWR, LMS, British Railways; Sealink and Stena Line.

Museum of Welsh Life
Special Collections: Welsh life including freshwater and inshore fishing, coracles and nets.

National Waterfront Museum

National Library of Wales
Special Collections: Welsh Political Archive; maritime resources

See also:
Maritime Libraries in the UK :

Aberdeen,  Cumbria,  East India Company,  Liverpool,  ShipwrecksWales

“Reproduced by kind permission of the Maritime Information Association”

Toronto: Slavery, Ships and Regiments

While researching for information on Toronto in the 1840s for a fellow genealogist, I came across some unusual references to slavery that I didn't expect to find. The index reveals some additional real treasures, along with references to names of ships plying the waters around Toronto, and the presence of various military regiments.

It is a very interesting read of Toronto in the early days and gives an idea of the population, what was happening in the politics of the time, the commuting that took place and the hardships of living in the area. As noted in the 'Forward', most of the illustrations are taken from the Canadian Illustrated News.

Online at
Title: Toronto from Trading Post to Great City,  author: Edwin C. Guillet, published in 1934.
See the end of this article for a copy of the Table of Contents.

Chapter entitled 'Two Centuries of Progress' briefly states the crimes of three slaves:

Jan.16, 1801, Kitty, a slave of William Jarvis who was Chairman of the Court. Kitty was charged with assault but she pleaded not guilty and was ordered to return to her 'duty'. But she stated she would not return and was sentenced to prison. (If she returned, she would be whipped.) (p.17)

Jarvis presents a new case in 1811 when Thomas Ridout was Chairman of the Court, stating that two of his slaves, a negro boy and negro girl had stolen some gold from him with the support of 'Coakley', a free Negro. The decision was to send the negro boy to prison, the negro girl was returned to her master and Coackley discharged. (p.17)

The index also provides these names of ships working in the harbours and waterways of Toronto:

Sailing Ships: Christina, Echo, Eliza, Highland Chief, Mohawk, Omar Pasha, Onandaga

Steam Ships: Bowanville, Britannia, Citizen, Chief Justice Robinson, City of Toronto, Foundation Scarborough, Frontenac, Great Britain, Monarch, Niagara, Princess Royal, Queen, Southern Belle, Transit

Regiments: (also noted in the index are references to regiments)
Garrison Battery of Artillery, Governor General's Body Guard, Provincial Cavalry, Queen's Foresters, Queen's Rangers, Queen's Own Rifles, Royal Canadian Dragoons, Royal Canadian Rifles, Royal Engineers, Royal Grenadiers, 13th Hussars, 29th Regiment, 43rd Light Infantry, 66th Regiment, 71st Highland Light Infantry, 71st Regiment, 78th Highland Regiment, 79th Highland Regiment, 93rd Highland Regiment (also known as Sutherland Highlanders).

Table of Contents:
Two Centuries of Progress
The Harbour
The Island and the Ferry Service
The Don and its Early Bridges
Toll Roads (discusses the state of the roads and charges for various vehicles)
Streets and Sidewalks
Cart, Pleasure Waggon, Cab and Ominbus (this chapter is interesting for information regarding travel to the outlying communities)
Horse Railway and Trolley Car
The Old Town Pump - and its Successors
From Candle to Electric Light
Fire-Fighters of Old
The Police Force
Public Executions
Among the Merchants
Tradesmen and Manufacturers
Fairs and Exhibitions
Inns and Taverns
Old-time Elections
Schools of other Days
'The Mechanics' Institute
'A city of churches'
The 'Glorious Twelfth'
Memories of old St. Lawrence Hall
The Pageant of Social Life