Monday, 4 April 2016

Pen & Sword Books

Pen & Sword Books are really helpful reference tools. The Family History series are well written and provide some unusual aspects to genealogy.

Some of the more unusual ones that I've noticed:
- Family Matters : A history of Genealogy Michael Sharpe ISBN: 9781848845596
- Fishing and Fishermen : a guide for Family Historians by Martin Wilcox ISBN: 9781844159888
- Tracing Your Ancestor's Childhood by Sue Wilkes ISBN: 9781781591666
- Tracing Your Secret Service Ancestors by Phil Tomaselli ISBN: 9781844159871
- Women's Lives : Researching Women's Social History 1800-1939 by Jennifer Newby ISBN: 9781848843684

The most recent one that is gathering a lot of steam is the Family History Web Directory, the author was a journalist, searching the internet for research about the story lines he was following.

The Family History Web Directory : The Genealogical Websites You Can't Do Without by Jonathan Scott ISBN: 9781473837997

Another one to add via John D. Reid's Blog:

Historical Research Using British Newspapers by Denise Bates ISBN: 9781473859005
- pre-order for £10.50!

Some titles are available for download to your Kindle or e-Reader, but I'm such a Luddite, as I prefer a book in my hands! I am looking forward to seeing them at WDYTYA Live in Birmingham, as they often offer good deals on their stand. As well, it's just lovely to see all the covers laid out together in one big happy family!

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