Sunday, 20 March 2016

WWII Soldier from Alliston Ontario

In the fall of 2015, I attended the West Surrey Family History Society event providing help to people seeking Canadian genealogy information.

Mike came to my table with a story to tell. He's not particularly a genealogist, but he has an item of interest to anyone who can claim a connection to a soldier he met in World War Two in South Ascot, Berkshire.

The story:
As a young lad he came upon a number of military ambulances with wounded soldiers who were waiting to be sent to hospital. Mike helped to give water and comfort to the soldiers and one gave him his army book that has three ladies' names inscribed in it.

He has a clear recollection that the soldiers were transported from Dieppe and a very exact date - 17 August 1942.

Mike would dearly love to give the book to whomever can make a connection to the family. Unfortunately, he doesn't know the name of the soldier.

The ladies' names:
Miss Lorraine Nevalles, Alliston, Ontario
Miss Freda Gallagher, Alliston, Ontario
Miss Myrtal Smalley, Alliston, Ontario

My suspicion is that these ladies may have inscribed the book during an event in Alliston, perhaps a sending off party to the soldiers before they left for the front. There may not be any connection, but it is worth a try on the www. He would be happy to hear from a local history museum.

Mike Herman

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