Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Red Serge and Polar Bear Pants

Reading an interesting account of the life of Harry Stallworthy an RCMP officer in Canada's North. Born in Gloucestershire, he came to Canada in 1913 to visit his brothers who lived in Jenner, Southern Alberta. 

He also joined up for WWI in the CEF. After returning to Canada, he resumed his duties with the RNWMP (RNWMP was later formed as the RCMP) where he was eventually posted to Calgary, which he found to be lacking in excitement. An application resulted in appointment to the Yukon and from there his adventures began. This book is a great introduction to anyone with RCMP ancestors who worked in the north, as it gives a vivid picture of the rough life, the relationship with the local people, Inuit and the landscape.

The material for this biography was gathered from letters Harry wrote to his brother Bill in Gloucestershire in addition to resources on the north. The letters were donated to the AINA institute at the University of Calgary. AINA is an important resource for Northern Canada research. 

Life Statistics:
B. 20 Jan.1895 Winson, Gloucestershire NE of Cirencester. Attended Cirencester Grammar School 
D. 25 Dec. 1976 Comox, Ontario
Father: William James Webb Stallworthy, Mother: Florence Fanny Cole. Brothers: William and Archie

Red Serge and Polar Bear Pants by William Barr, 2004, ISBN: 0888644337

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