Thursday, 21 January 2016

Alberta Genealogy Research

On a trip to the Provincial Archives of Alberta (PAA) in Edmonton, I met Shannon who is an enthusiastic genealogist and who also provides genealogy research for customers. 

Here are some highlights from their website:

Obituary indexes 
  • Edmonton Journal from 1950-current  - Shannon 
  • Calgary Herald 1950 - current
They index newspapers for BMDs, articles and lots of other types of information.
  • Birth Announcements from various Alberta newspapers pre 1930.
  • Edmonton Journal 1903-1909  - Shannon
  • Edmonton 1934-2001 (1940-44 Some part years) (1945-49 Not indexed)  - Shannon
  • Calgary & Edmonton 1900-1938  -  Ted
  • Edmonton 1907 (Finding Guide) - Ted
  • Vancouver Sun Jan 1930 – Jun 1936  - Ted
  • Calgary 1939-2001 (41-45 Pending)  - Ted
  • Alberta and British Columbia 2001-2010 - Shannon + Ted
Also see the website for the database link to look up information in various Genealogy books.

Shannon:  alberta.research2@gmail. com  -  also provides adoption help
Ted : recents@shaw. ca  

British Columbia Genealogist Indexes


What a fabulous resource for researching BC genealogy. The British Columbia Genealogy Society has provided online lists of Tables of Contents of their monthly publication, The British Columbia Genealogist online. This resource starts from 1971. 

There may be results for your family name if someone has written an article about your family history. 

The search function is embedded in a blog article on this page:  
It is a very easy tool to use, and provides very fast results. Please contact the Research Committee if you have the issue and name of the article in order to request a copy. Another way to support your local or not so local, family history society. 

PS - some issues are also available at the Society of Genealogist in London, UK. .